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Personnel management service keeps monitoring of personnel, ensures compliance with procedures on admission, passing and termination of state service, working regime and conditions, professional development of staff. It provides the activity of competitive, certifying, disciplinary and other commissions on personnel matters.
Personnel management service: 39-52-79

Department on work with youth and employment matters holds events on cultural and civil-legal education among young people. It organizes the work of yard clubs of the city, holds youth forums, festivals and other meetings at various levels. It works with religious organizations, organizes events among young people, against religious extremism and extremism. Holds work among young and adolescents to prevent delinquency and crime. It provides interaction with the media. Continuously analyzes the problem of youth unemployment.
Department on work with youth and employment matters : 39-72-14, 39-53-16

Department on work with youth organizations, analysis and monitoring closely works with youth wings of youth organizations and political parties. It makes analyze and monitoring of execution of legal acts in the sphere of youth policy. Maintains control over passport data updating of young people in Astana. Analyzes and forecasts processes among youth. Participates in development, organization and carrying out of sociological and socio- political research among young people, processes and interprets the results of this research.
Department on work with youth organizations, analysis and monitoring: 39-62-46, 39-62-29

Department on administrative and legal work provides financial-economic and legal activities of the Administration. It is responsible for accounting, public purchasing and incoming, outgoing correspondence in the Administration. Resolves all legal issues relating to the Administration.
Department on administrative and legal work : 39-72-26

Chansery: 39-71-83


Superiors helpline: 39-52-79, 39-72-26