On November 4, 2017 the final competition of the city Zhairdman championship took place. All 6 best teams took part in the game and according to the results of the final the team won the team Agrolyf. Congratulations!


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“Maccabi” – “Astana” 0: 1
Football club “Astana” beat Tel Aviv “Maccabi” in the away match of the group round of the League of Europe.
Congratulations!@fca.astanawith a victory!

Winners of the photo contest “Autumn Landscape”, organized among the readers. # Koktem Karkynovna from Astana with hashtag@koktem_karkynkyzy and Aziza Suynshkalieva @suinshkalievaa ticket for today’s Jorden games.
Dear friends, let’s remind that at 18:00, at the Youth Palace, come to the final competition of the city of Astana at the Summer Palace!

A training seminar for fulfilment and development of personal qualities of young people was given at the Professional and Technical College with support of the Department of Youth Policy of Astana city on November 2.2017.
The aim of the seminar is to create conditions for personal growth of young people.
Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor of RAM Dyusupbayeva Karlygash Sovetkanovna helped students to realize their personal potential and be more confident in themselves.
The tasks of the training included the following: creating conditions for formation of the desire for self-knowledge, development of the ability to control over feelings and emotions and also express them; formation of communication skills, ability to listen and express the point of view. In addition, this training contributes to the achievement of life goals.
The professor demonstrated special exercises, with help of which all set tasks were carried out. Each student tried to use them to fulfil potential.
According to the result of the training seminar, students of the Professional and Technical College became much more relaxed and self-confident and also learned to express their feelings and emotions more competently.

need help with homeworkA meeting was held with students in the Financial Academy with support of the Department of Youth Policy of Astana city on November 1.2017. They discussed the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script.
The representative of the Language Development Center of Sh.Shayakhmetov Kadyrkhan Almazhan Kadyrkhankyzy spoke there. He explained them the peculiarities of the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script.
In the meeting students shared their views concerning transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script and asked some issues.
The students were invited to play the game. They divided into three groups: primordialists, constructivists and realists. Each group was given eight minutes for preparation. The teacher of the department of social and humanitarian disciplines and journalism Abzhakov Talgatbek Duisenbekovich was the member of the jury. He appreciated the students.
Following the results of the meeting, the students of the Financial Academy endorsed initiative of the Head of the State of the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script.

Volunteers of the capital met with top viners of Kazakhstan in L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University on August 25, 2017.

It was organized by the Department of Youth Policy of Astana. Volunteers had the opportunity to meet with popular viners: participant of the team Yuframe Topasheva Adina, Ahmetova Nagima, known as Nagimuwaa, team XAXAshow, viner TerriTima (Temirkhan Asylbek) and others viners, who had a lot of subscribers in the social network Instagram.

This meeting was held to share experience.

The volunteers took interest in the participants of the evening and asked many questions.

The viners told about their creativity, sources of inspiration, shared ideas for creating viners. Some of them said that they had volunteer experience. It was very important for them.

The interesting aspect of the meeting was producing some humorous plays by the participants of the meeting.

Everybody hopes to continue such meetings in the future.

The summer has come – time when you can acquire new skills and make new friends, rest and make money. If you are young, ambitious, and you are interested in improvement of our city, we invite you to join our ranks.

Head of student construction and youth groups «Zhasyl el» with the support of the Administration on Youth Policy of Astana city invites young people who wish to work during summer holidays, as well as unemployed youth aged from 16 to 29. Work schedule: 9.00 a.m. – 17.00 p.m., 5 days per week. Salary: 45-150 000 tenge.

Believe in yourself, reach achievements and strive for desired goals!

Telereference: 56-43-81, 87029307790
[19:06:37] Assel Turmanova: тэги Astana Labour season Youth policy

The youth dance competition “Bile Astana 2017”, dedicated to the Capital Day, was held on July 8 at the initiative of the Department of Youth Policy of Astana.

The choreographic groups of Astana took part in the competition in 7 nominations: ballroom dance, folk dance, salsa, hip-hop, break dance, modern dance. The final number was dance battle.

Its purpose is to support and form a sustainable interest in this art form as well as finding talented dancers.

The performance of the youngest dancers of the group of ballroom dances was the best. They were awarded with diplomas.

 The head of the Department of Youth Policy of Astana Oralov Askhat arrived to congratulate the winners.

Dear participants, parents, guests of the holiday, I want to congratulate all on the Capital Day. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for their assistance and also parents of the participants for support of such talented children. The festival “Bile Astana 2017” helps to develop and support active youth of different ages in Astana”, he said.

Participants of the competition noted the importance of such festivals and also congratulated everyone on the Capital Day. Parents of young contestants and spectators thanked the organizers of the competition and heads of the groups for their work and patience.

It is a reminder that the competition “Bile Astana” has gathered talented people from Astana who dance in the traditional folk and sport styles.