The Department of Youth Policy of Astana and Association of Legal Entities “Alem” of the Volunteer Center hold the meetings with experienced lecturers (psychologists and teachers) on gender, spiritual and moral education of girls.
Within the project it is planned to organize and carry out a large information and educational campaign among students of the educational institutions for formation and strengthening of the national and cultural identity and personal integrity, internal commitment to the national values ​​and historical continuity.
It should be noted that the meetings will be held on April 24-26, 2017 in Astana within the project: “Holding of the meetings aimed at the moral education of girls”.
It will be a series of speeches and master classes designed to the development of morality, skills that allow our Kazakhstan girl to be modern, beautiful, highly cultured, educated and able to balance the skills of modern success and woman’s wisdom of our ancestors!

The festival “ZhasStart” was held in the stadium of K.Munaitpasov on June 4.
The sport festival gathered many participants and guests. The participants were residents and guests of the city, children of the clubs, which were under the charge of the Department of Youth Policy of Astana.
All could enjoy the catching songs, dances of the talented young people. They also participated in the competitions in streetball, football, wrestling, chess, table tennis and CrossFit.
People had the opportunity to take part in the master class in TRX fitness.
At the end of the festival, winners were awarded with certificates, medals and gift certificates.
It is worth noting that the festival has been organized for the second time. The organizers, youth resource center “Astana Zhastary” promise to hold such events as often as possible.

The Orchestra of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstani pop stars such as Almas Kishkenbayev and Rinat Maltsagov will perform for residents and guests of the city. The event will be attended by deputies of Mazhilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the city maslikhat, representatives of Astana Mayor’s Office and students of General Nurmaganbetov “Zhas Ulan” National School.
– The 25th anniversary of the state symbols is a very important day for every Kazakhstani. Each of us has a sense of patriotism. All of us are willing to have our state symbols standing in splendor at great heights: in glorified places, on sports pedestals, among political achievements. I would like to note that this day is important for young people as well. Every young person should have a feeling of love for his or her country. And the country, patriotism and state symbols are closely linked, – says the Deputy of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gennadiy Shipovskikh.
From 13:00 a motor race of sports cars will be started in the city. 25 sports cars will pass through the entire left bank of the capital along the following route: Kazhymukan – Tauyelsyzdyk – Saraishyk-Koshkarbayev – Dostyk – Kabanbai Batyr – Saraishyk – Shalkyma – Tashenov, and will finish at “Qazaq Yeli” monument by lining up in the form of the figure 25.
– State symbols are the embodiment of our nation and country. Our youth should not forget about this. This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan and bring this holiday to a whole new level. Yesterday we conducted a survey on the history of the national flag, the emblem and the anthem of Kazakhstan among the residents of the capital. 200 citizens took part in the survey. About 85% of them correctly answered all the questions. We think that this is definitely a positive indicator, – says the Deputy of the Youth Maslikhat of Astana, a member of “Zhas Otan” Youth Wing of “Nur Otan” National Party, Dana Kubenova.

So, 2017 OSCE Youth Conference “Working with young people for the benefit of young people: enhance security and cooperate online” was held in Malaga (Spain) on May 25-26. Youth people from all OSCE member countries took part in it. Chief specialist of the Department of Youth Policy Ardak Zhusupov participated in the conference, which consisted of 6 working groups.
After the plenary sessions of working groups, young people adopted recommendations to enhance security.

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One of the directions for active participation of young people in implementation of the state youth policy is creation of the conditions for cooperation with young workers.

 Within the project “A package of measures for cooperation with young workers”, on May 29-31,2017 the Department of Youth Policy of Astana has 3-day training seminar “Leadership”, “Speaking skills”, “Time management”. It is aimed at increasing leadership skills, using declamatory skills and responsible use of the time, which is necessary for a modern man.

Workers of the enterprises and organizations of Astana at the age of 18-29 take part in the training seminar.


  PA “Public Youth Movement “Karsy” with support of the Department of Youth Policy of Astana organized the running within the project “Youth against drugs!”.

  Its purpose is to popularize the healthy life-style, to involve young people in physical culture and sports.

 Students of the universities and colleges of Astana took part in the marathon.

  The Olympic champion of the Games 2016 in Brazil Eleusinov Daniyar Maratovich and deputy of Maslikhat of Astana, Tabuldina Altynshash Zhumashevna came to wish good speed.

  At the beginning of the marathon they did exercises. Young men from “BAR BARS” helped them in it. They actively call for the healthy life-style and promote STREET WORKOUT.

  The running was for 5 km between boys and girls in Triathlon Park Astana. The winners were awarded with prizes and certificates.

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  The youth festival «Достық бірлік нышаны»was held with support of the Department of Youth Policy and information support of the Secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan in Astana on May 24.+

  The festival was aimed at strengthening the inter-ethnic harmony among young people and development of intercultural communications, education of patriotism among youth, strengthening of social relations and traditions between the people, living in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  The deputy of Mazhilis of the Parliament RK G.G.Shipovskih, deputy of Maslikhat of Astana city Tauken K.K., consultant of the House of veterans of Astana A.A.Ashirov, head of the section of the Department of Youth Policy Ryspayev E.G took part in it.

  A wonderful concert of different ethnic groups, living in the Republic of Kazakhstan, was held within the festival. The German ethnocultural center “Vozrozhdenie”, Ukrainian cultural center “Vatra”, Tatar-Bashkir cultural center “Tak”, Armenian society “Van”, Azerbaijan ethnocultural center “Khazar”, Uzbek ethnocultural center of Astana, Kyrgyz ethnocultural center of Astana, Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan participated in it. Marzhan Arapbayev was the special guest of the festival.

  At the end of the evening all participants of the concert received letters of thanks from the head of the Department of Youth Policy Oralov A.R. as well as prizes.


The marathon was organized on May 24 with support of the Department of Youth Policy within the project “Young people against drugs!”.
The marathon was held with the aim of popularizing healthy lifestyle and involving young people in sport.
The marathon was among students of the universities and secondary specialized colleges, the distance – 5 km for boys and girls. Its participants were awarded with valuable gifts and consolation prizes.
Majilis deputy RK Tabuldin Altynshash Zhumashevna and champion of the Olympic Games Daniyar Yeleusinov took part in the marathon.


 Students of the higher and technical institutions, people and citizens took part in the flash mob “Young people of the capital choose the future without drugs”. The campaign was timed to the project “Ақ жарқын Aстана – Smile Astana – Astana – the city of kind and smiling people “, created on the initiative of akim of the city Asset Isekeshev.

   Its purpose is drawing of attention of the younger generation to the problem of drug addiction in the modern society, withdrawal from drugs and promotion of the healthy life-style.

   People could see the concert there. Participants expressed support for the project #Smileastana.

 A festive program was organized there with participation of the political figures of Astana. Deputy of the maslikhat of Astana Batpenov S.N., head of the Department of Youth Policy of Astana Oralov A.R., chairman of Astana city branch of the youth movement “Zhas Otan” Bolysbek M. spoke there.

   Young people, students of the higher and secondary educational institutions, representatives of public organizations and citizens took active part in it.

   The aim of the project is to assist young people in the development and prosperity of independent Kazakhstan, a sense of responsibility and respect for the wealth of our Motherland. Within the project it is planned to employ young people and improve the ecological situation of the city.

   Today is the start of the project in Astana.

   Works on landscaping of the capital will be continued.